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Louise M. Smith Home

The Louise M. Smith Home is a residential child care program that provides care for 8 younger children, primarily sibling groups who have to be removed from their natural home.

The Home’s focus on group placement helps to keep brothers and sisters together until a permanent resolution to their circumstances can be arranged.  This helps to minimize issues related to being away from their natural families.  The staff also helps the children work through issues related to the circumstances surrounding placement.

The daily routine and activities at the home are designed to ensure that the children experience as normal a childhood as possible.  Children attend school, play sports, have regular medical check-ups, and participate in off campus outings – all of which are essential to meeting their needs and promoting their well-being.

Please contact Bobby Lindsay at 336-861-9243 or for additional information or to make a referral.

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COA Accreditation
COA Accreditation

COA Accreditation