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Foster Parents

Youth Unlimited is actively seeking individuals or couples interested in becoming foster parents.
Becoming a foster parent means changing a life forever. When you decide to care for a child, you make a difference in that child’s life.

Becoming a foster parent is a life-changing process for you as well as the child. During your pre-service training with Youth Unlimited, you will learn about the foster care system, how it works and if it is right for you and your family. Our goal is to give you the skills you need to be the most effective caregiver possible for the many challenges in a foster child’s life. You will receive:

  • 42 hours of specialized pre-service training.
  • Behavior Management Training.
  • Training in clinical needs of foster kids.
  • Input in the pre-placement matching process.
  • 24-hour intervention services and support.
  • A case manager assigned to your home.
  • In-home supervision and support.
  • Tax-free monthly reimbursement.
  • Involvement in case planning and decisions.

Foster Parent Requirements:

  • Candidates must be least 21 years old.
  • Candidates may be single adults or married couples.
  • Candidates must be financially stable.

Foster Parent Candidates must:

  • Undergo application process and home study.
  • Undergo healthcare registry check.
  • Pass fingerprint and criminal background check.
  • Undergo physical exam.
  • Possess ability to work with children.
  • Be able to provide a safe and healthy environment.
  • Re-license every two years.

Team Approach

As a Youth Unlimited foster parent, you will become part of a team that works to reunite families and create families. Each child’s situation is unique and the foster parent is an essential piece in ensuring that each child has a permanent place that best fits his or her needs.

As a professional caregiver you will be involved in shared parenting, making smooth transitions between placements and the satisfaction of giving these children a more secure future. Foster parents work closely with Youth Unlimited’s program staff as part of a transition plan which provides for the most successful placement.

For more information, call Judy Fradenburg at 336-861-9243 or Sabrina Breeden at 336-883-1361.

COA Accreditation
COA Accreditation

COA Accreditation