2016/2017 Year In Review


  • During the year 2016/2017 Youth Unlimited has continued to provide needed resources for those in our community who often feel they have nowhere else to turn.
  • The Medication Management Clinic continues to provide a much needed service to area communities from the High Point and Sophia locations, serving over 300 families this year. 
  • The Intensive In-Home Services Program provides parents and children a resource for therapy in their home – preventing out of home placement.  We served 26 families this year.  
  • We are in the process of renovating the Millis Home to serve sibling groups like the Smith Home program.  When this home is licensed we can accommodate a total of 12 children who have been removed from their homes.
  • The need for our residential and foster care programs continues to grow.  These programs have served over 75 families this year.   

Program Outcomes


  • At discharge 94% of grades were A’s, B’s & C’s
  • 40% of kids had permanent placement at discharge
  • <1% required higher level of care at discharge 

Residential Care

  • 100% had satisfactory behavior grades at discharge
  • 84% discharged to a lower level of care
  • 96% had no academic failing grades at discharge

Outpatient Therapy   

  • 306 clients seen for medication management
  • 100% of satisfaction surveys were positive

Intensive In-Home Services  

  • 75% remained in their hom
  • 100% showed symptom improvement
  • 85% reached 100% of their treatment goals

Community Partners Satisfaction

  • 97% positive responses from community partners surveys

Employee Satisfaction

  • 94% employee responses were positive

Client/Family Satisfaction

  • 96% positive client responses across all programs
  • 96% positive family responses across al programs
COA Accreditation
COA Accreditation

COA Accreditation