2017/2018 Year In Review


  • During the year 2017/2018 Youth Unlimited celebrated its 50th year of service to children and families in our community.  We provide the services described below to those who often feel they have nowhere else to turn.
  • The Medication Management Clinic continues to provide a much needed service to area communities from the High Point and Sophia locations, serving over 250 families this year. 
  • The Intensive In-Home Services  Program provides parents and children a resource for therapy in their home –  preventing out of home placement.  We served 28 families this year.
  • We are currently providing sibling group care to 12 children in the Millis Home and the Smith Home.  The purpose of these homes is to keep sibling groups, who have been removed from their natural homes, together until a permanent solution to their situation can be arranged.
  • The need for our residential and foster care programs continues to grow.  These programs have served over 80 families this year. 


PCIT, Parent- Child Interaction Therapy, is our newest program geared toward helping families who have young children (ages 3-7) with disruptive behavioral issues.  Parents   learn new skills that help them manage and discipline their children in a positive manner.  PCIT is a nationally recognized.

Program Outcomes

Foster care

  • At discharge 95% of grades were A’s, B’s & C’s
  • 40% of kids had permanent placement at discharge
  • <1% required higher level of care at discharge 

Residential Care

  • 98% had satisfactory behavior grades at discharge
  • 88% discharged to a lower level of care
  • 95% had no academic failing grades at discharge

Outpatient Therapy   

  • 300 clients seen for medication management
  • 100% of satisfaction surveys were positive

Intensive In-Home Services  

  • 75% remained in their home
  • 100% showed symptom improvement
  • 85% reached 100% of their treatment goals

Community Partners Satisfaction

  • 97% positive responses from community partners surveys

Employee Satisfaction

  • 94% employee responses were positive

Client/Family Satisfaction

  • 94% positive client responses across all programs
  • 94% positive family responses across al programs
COA Accreditation
COA Accreditation

COA Accreditation